Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dreams & the Truth About Prom Queens

So I was walking along the highway with four of my friends when we came across these four little cabins on a bridge. We were very tired so 2 of us decided to stay the night there but the other 2 had a "bad feeling" about the place and turned back. After getting settled, my friend and I went on a walk in the woods. We came back only to find her cabin a mess and her back pack was missing. I helped her search for it but soon grew tired and gave up. I went back to my own cabin only to find a tall, doll-faced woman in there tearing the place apart. She grew angry when she saw me. She told me that these were her cabins and that I must leave before midnight or I would be killed. She also demanded my backpack as payment. I gave it to her and ran to my friend's dorm and begged her to come with me. She refused and eventually I gave up, knowing it was close to midnight and hoping that perhaps the woman was only trying to scare me. Upon exiting the cabin, I looked to my right and saw a hooded figure. I looked at my watch 12:03. It flew at me and I ran, I sprinted until I could not see the cabin anymore. I reached for my phone to call 911 but the phone was swept out of my hand by a hurricane-strength gust of wind and rolled down the ditch into the water. Then........ I woke up. So that was my dream last night but I decided to take Dane Cook's advice and not say it was a dream until the end (though most people could probably figure it out).

My little sister went to prom yesterday. She was gorgeous, had the perfect dress, perfect hair, perfect date and.....the stress was enough to make me wanna shoot myself.....& it wasn't even MY prom. I spent the day, my first day home from college, listening to my mom & sister yell about nothing. I got cussed out for eating the last pack of gummies because she NEEDED it. For some reason, my mom agreed with this assessment. It made me think back to my prom days. I LOVED my proms! I loved them so much & enjoyed myself a lot. I too had to have the perfect dress, hair & date but the day of is so stressful. Between the amount of money spent (in the hundreds if not the thousands of dollars) & the way the media presents "prom" there are such high expectations for prom to be...... "PERFECT." Since perfection is unattainable, it inevitably falls short of expectations and you feel more stressed as you kill yourself to try and meet these perfect expectations, you're exhausted before you even get to prom and forget to enjoy the here and now. i feel like that could be applied to all aspects of life. DON'T worry about making everything perfect and making sure everything goes according to plan cuz it's not gonna happen. Plan ahead but enjoy what is going on in the present. Otherwise you'll look back and have all these memories that were perfectly structured and according to plan but they won't really have the happiness and spontaneity that a true good memory has.

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