Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stalkers, Flashers, & Conformists

Once upon a time (cheesy beginning, i know) there was a girl. She wasn't ugly but she was different looking & talked funny so no one liked her. Then she dated a popular guy (not for that reason, it just happened that way) & then EVERYBODY liked her. Why? I don't know. It seems that people are like sheep. People don't do what they think is cool....they do what they think other people think is cool. Kinda weird really but there are probably a million and one blogs out there going "everyone is a conformist, my life sux."
Actually, my life doesn't suck. It's pretty awesome really & rather interesting. I have a problem with stalkers at the moment but that is starting to settle down (weird for someone who made it to age 17 without a kiss). & i've been flashed WAY too many times. Like, I've received "dick pics" on my phone from people I've never even met in person before who got my number from an angry rejected guy but....... that's another story.
Which by the way, do you guys think that actually works? Like we girls will magically fall in love with you if we see your dicks? Despite the message you may get from Katy Perry's "Peacock" song...... we don't. On the contrary, it will probably end in a restraining order even if we WERE initially interested in you. Sorry boys but flashing us doesn't seem to have the same effect as when we flash you. Unfair? perhaps but whatcha gonna do?
So now that I've ranted about conformity & penises, I gotta go pack. I'm actually moving out of my college dorm tomorrow & going back home for summer.......but i haven't packed a single box. so love you guys (if anyone's reading this. this is my first blog so who knows) & erm...bye!