Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So today is my first day back to work with my old boss. I'm so excited! Normally, people prefer their days OFF from work but I have been bored for the past 5 days I have been back home from college. I've seen a few friends over the days but it's mostly the same few friends. I lost a lot of my hometown friends after the drama I described in a previous blog (basically, my "BEST friend" was JEALOUS that I got into a good school & she didn't so she is still stuck at home so the best "revenge" was to make up rumors about me at home. (cuz I guess it's my fault that I got better grades than her (eyeroll)) But that drama aside, I am looking forward to seeing my friends at work. Plus, it is something to do since I hate doing nothing. I'm so used to being overwhelmed, that having nothing to do almost stresses me out! lol
but in short, I'm just super exciting to get back to work. I'm a waitress (living the dream! lol) & I'm basically saving up to help pay for rent this August, when I get my own apartment. So first day back in a while. Hopefully I'll do well : )


  1. It's awful how friends can be so bitter about your good fortune. :(

    But it's always good to look forward to going back to work, it means your days off have had a good effect!

  2. Good luck! Don't let the jealous haters get to you!

  3. good luck, I agree sitting around and doing nothing gets pretty boring