Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Dilemma

So apparently, according to my blood test a few days ago, I am anemic. On one hand, it explains why I am tired ALL THE TIME. On the other hand.....sometimes, when I SHOULD be doing something but feel "too tired" I find myself trying to use the anemia as an excuse to stay in bed. I DO NOT want to become one of THOSE people. Someone who takes manageable things and tries to use these "disadvantages" as an excuse. I need to just take some iron and move on. I can't let this stop me......
So I am working again & thoroughly enjoying it. I love my co workers & miss having something to do. haha, am I such a nerd that I LIKE work and school? I really have no life!
My last roommate had a life. She would party almost nightly & would often sleep all day, missing her classes. But is that really appealing? I'll enjoy a party here and there but I certainly wouldn't want to every night. For me, part of what makes it fun is the fact that I DON'T do it all the time. Also, I quickly became disgusted by her laziness. At the end of the day, I need to feel like I did SOMETHING productive. It can be something for leisure sometimes such as finishing that book or having fun with friends but at the same time, I like to feel useful too. I can't live off my parent's money forever and having my own money, working on my own college degree, all of that makes me feel like I am in control of my destiny. When I was younger, I somewhat feared the time when I would be on my own. It was accomplishments, like doing well in school, like having a job, like having a savings account and paying for my own rent and food, that let me know that I can handle being on my own. In fact, I rather like it. : )


  1. I'm glad you're fine

    best wishes

  2. Eat lots of meat! Helps with keeping your iron up!

  3. Way to be positive. Following...

  4. Mindy Mac, Mindy Mac
    She's not a duck, but she goes quack!

  5. Come on Mindy Mac, post more. I know your anaaeeemic and everything but come onnn! :D

  6. Sorry! went on a trip & got busy helping mom prepare for guests! talked about it in most recent blog though : )